Elizabeth George & Co

We are a local business based in the Croydon area, dedicated to producing beautiful, high quality curtains and blinds at affordable prices.

We strive to deliver quality and service of the highest standard to our customers.


Why choose Elizabeth George & Co?

Simply because;

Our raison d'être is to produce curtains and blinds that visually express the taste and wishes of the client, be aesthetically pleasing and enhance the impression of a room setting.

We take pride in the quality of curtains and blinds that we produce, our attention to customer requirements and our ability to get the best from a fabric design.

Our winter curtains are weighty, full and feel luxurious, summer curtains, light and airy. We make various styles of curtains and blinds, from simple to elaborate to suit all tastes. All are hand made using high quality linings, headings, threads and trim., Each will provide practical benefits in terms of energy saving and make your home more comfortable.

With a vast range of beautiful colours, styles, patterns and textures to choose online or in shop, Elizabeth George & Co do not sell fabric, we offer free advice and guidance on fabric type, quantity and preferred suppliers. This approach assures advice is always impartial and clients are not constrained in their choice of fabrics.


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